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Misa Yamamoto is a Graphic Designer and Art Director based in Austin TX.

She graduated from Texas State University's Communication Design program in 2012 and is currently a senior designer at the University of Texas at Austin's College of Fine Arts. She is skilled in branding, typography, and UI/UX design. She works with her partner Fabian Villa and is based in Austin. She is originally from Tokyo and is fluent in Japanese.

She is a member of the art collective Essentials Creative. The collective produces holistic applied arts experiences incorporating a range of disciplines, including photography, fashion, graphic design, video, projection, animation, music, and installation. The group's work is characterized by experimentation, fluidity, and diversity.


Branding & Identity / Art Direction/ Creative Direction/ Editorial Illustration / Stop Motion / Animation / Packaging Design / Web & Mobile Design/ Concept Development / Editorial Design / Signage/ Social Media/ Print Production


Essentials: Afterworld, Presa House Gallery, San Antonio

October 2022
Afterworld explores multiculturalism by combining new digital works printed on fabric, altar displays, video, and light experimentation. The installation focuses on traditional Autumn celebrations like Mexico's Día de Los Muertos/Day of the Dead and Obon, the Japanese holiday honoring ancestors.


Jeffrey Gibson, I AM YOUR RELATIVE, The Museum of Contemporary Art Toronto

May 2022
I AM YOUR RELATIVE is an exhibition that presents underrepresented narratives and uplifts historically silenced voices. With this, Gibson asked the public to submit a snapshot of their story through submission of digitally rendered visual media.

Fusebox Festival, Austin, TX

April 2022
Fusebox Festival features art direction, graphic design, and a flag Installation by Essentials Creative

Ivester Contemporary Gallery, Austin, TX

September – October 2021
Interwoven Throughout Eternity is a series of digital photography and collage work made during the pandemic about the interconnectivity of the human and non-human.

San Antonio Street Art sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon, San Antonio

April 2021
San Antonio Street Art is large-scale photographic murals installed as public art in Downtown San Antonio.

Commodore Perry Estate, Austin, TX

December 2020, 2021
Essentials X Commodore has projected visuals on the Commodore Perry building for an outdoor holiday event.

Mask Show, San Antonio Central Library, San Antonio, TX / Feb 2020

Essentials Creative, a visual arts collective originally from San Antonio, presents an exhibition of artists and designers to celebrate the myths and sacred powers of masks.

Big Medium: Due East, Canopy, Austin, TX / Nov 2019

Essentials Creative created a site-specific wallpaper and light installation for Due East.

Levitation: Volcom Garden, Austin, TX / Oct 2019

For Levitation Fest, Essentials Creative installed an outdoor wallpaper installation including a skate-ramp.

Tempo 2D: 1401 Bolm Rd, Austin, TX / Sep 2019

Essentials Creative hosted a portrait/collage workshop resulting in a colorful mural for the Govalle community in East Austin.

Neiman Marcus Fall Fashion Show, San Antonio, TX / Aug 2019

Essentials Creative provided set design, including a wooden dodecahedron and wallpaper step and repeat backdrop.

Pump Project: Cloud Tree Studios and Gallery, Austin, Texas / Aug 2019

Light Alchemy, Essentials solo, and site-specific installation in two rooms featuring a tetrahedron sculpture, projections, and graphics.

Leona Gallery, Austin, Texas /July 2019

Manik Raj Nakra presents OTHER SIDE OF MIDNIGHT, Essentials created a custom wallpaper for the show in addition to providing video projections and light installations.

Austin Community College, Austin, Texas / May 2019

DUE WEST 2019 Art installation for the opening event of West Austin Studio Tour 2019 

J-Squared Studios, Austin, Texas / November 2018

EAST x Essentials Creative Group exhibition in collaboration with Big Medium’s East Austin Studio Tours.

Carver Community Cultural Center, San Antonio, Texas / March 2018

San Antonio’s Tricentennial celebration, Common Currents group show.

Link Pin Art, Austin, Texas / January 2018

Flux for Print Austin curated by Paloma Mayorga

Mexican Cultural Institute, San Antonio, Texas / November 2017

Essentials: Biochromatic exhibition in Diego Rivera Gallery as part of Luminaria Contemporary Arts Festival.

Gravelmouth Gallery, San Antonio, Texas / November – December 2016

Essentials X Gravelmouth: Amexican@


Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, Texas / June – August 2016

Young Latino Artists 21: Amexican@ Group Exhibition

Silkwörm Gallery, San Antonio, Texas / September 2014

Essentials X Silkwörm Photo Exhibition


Tempo 2D: Portrait and Collage Workshop

BigMedium, Austin, Texas /July 13, 2019

Austin School of Film, Austin, Texas /July 3, 2019

Hidden Face: Photo Collage Workshop with Essentials

Mexic-Arte Museum, Austin, Texas / August 18, 2016

In conjunction with Young Latino Artists 21: Amexican@ Group Exhibition

3-hour photography, collage, and mixed media project


Graphic Design & Art Direction

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